Entry Product Manager (commercial or technical track)

Reference No: 3299

What's the role?

We’re looking for Future Product Managers to join our team. As a Future Product Manager you will gain a real business opportunities from the day one. The scope of your responsibilities will grow every day. During this position you go through technical, sales and marketing departments in order to meet our global opportunities and increase your potential.

Who is Hilti?

If you’re new to the industry, you might not have heard of us. We provide leading-edge tools, technologies, software and services for the global construction sector. We have a proud heritage, built over 75 years, and a worldwide reputation for pioneering products and exceptional service. With some 28,000 people in more than 120 countries, which we’re looking to expand, we’re a great place for you to show us your worth, step up to new challenges and grow your career.

What does the role involve?

You start at a respective entry position in sales in Poland and grow to be a Product Manager through interdisciplinary experiences and trainings abroad as well as mentoring from your seniors.

With commitment, teamwork and consistent results, many of our employees reach their first management position in their mid to late twenties.

What do we offer?

We'll provide you with opportunity to accelerate your career with real business, real job, real responsibility from day one. Each employee is different, and so are the requirements they have in various stages of their lives. That's why Hilti offers flexibility in working hours an flexible working conditions in regards to hours and workplace. This enables every employee in coordination with his or her team to select a model that best suits their current life situation. We offer internal and external management trainings & networking, as well as fully cross-cultural experience & opportunity to interact with colleagues from around the world. What you will get is international experience with regular exposure to management and involvement in key projects.

Why should you apply?

If you’ve never worked in sales or construction, that’s fine with us. We have an excellent mix of people and some of our best account managers joined us with no experience. Success at Hilti is down to teamwork and ability, no matter what your background.

What you need is:

- Degree (Master) in the field of Engineering, Business or Economics (max. 2 years after graduation)
- Multilingual ability (including fluency in English)
- Being a natural team leader (formal/informal experience: sports, organizations, Scouts etc.)
- Involvement in business cases from the area of marketing or similar that would prove your marketing skills
- Willingness to relocate for the job (abroad and/or within Poland)

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Dziat Techniczny

Masz uzdolnienia techniczne? Spośród naszych stanowisk technicznych możesz wybrać doradztwo na placach budów, a w naszych strukturach międzynarodowych możesz zajmować się tworzeniem nowego oprogramowania lub udoskonalaniem opatentowanych produktów w jednym z naszych badawczo-rozwojowych centrów innowacji.

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